By Date

This page details the dates of all official Oasis releases in chronological order, however if you would like to see when the Anniversary of their release date view the "How Old Am I This Year?" page.


Supersonic (Single)
Released 11th April 1994

Shakermaker (Single)
Released 13th June 1994

Live Forever (Single)
Released 8th August 1994

Definitely Maybe (Album)
Released 29th August 1994

Cigarettes & Alcohol (Single)
Released 10th October 1994

Whatever (Single)
Released 18th December 1994


Some Might Say (Single)
Released 24th April 1995

Roll With It (Single)
Released 14th August 1995

Morning Glory (Non-UK Single)
Released 18th September 1995

(What's the Story) Morning Glory? (Album)
Released 2nd October 1995

Wonderwall (Single)
Released 30th October 1995


Don't Look Back in Anger (Single)
Released 19th February 1996

Champagne Supernova (Non-UK Single)
Released 13th May 1996


D'You Know What I Mean? (Single)
Released 7th July 1997

Be Here Now (Album)
Released 21st August 1997

Stand By Me (Single)
Released 22nd September 1997


All Around the World (Single)
Released 12th January 1998

Don't Go Away (Non-UK Single)
Released 13th May 1998

The Masterplan (Album)
Released 2nd November 1998


Go Let It Out (Single)
Released 7th February 2000

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (Album)
Released 28th February 2000

Who Feels Love? (Single)
Released 17th April 2000

Sunday Morning Call (Single)
Released 3rd July 2000

Familiar to Millions (Double Album)
Released 13th November 2000


Familiar to Millions (Highlights)
Released: 1st October 2001


The Hindu Times (Single)
Released 15th April 2002

Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Single)
Released 17th June 2002

Heathen Chemistry (Album)
Released 1st July 2002

Little By Little/She Is Love (Double A-Side)
Released 23rd September 2002


Songbird (Single)
Released 3rd February 2003


Lyla (Single)
Released 16th May 2005

Don't Believe the Truth (Album)
Released 30th May 2005

The Importance of Being Idle (Single)
Released 22nd August 2005

Let There Be Love (Single)
Released 28th November 2005


Stop the Clocks (EP)
Released 13th November 2006

Stop the Clocks (Double Album)
Released 20th November 2006


Lord Don't Slow Me Down (Single)
Released 21st October 2007


The Shock of the Lightning (Single)
Released 29nd September 2008

Dig Out Your Soul (Album)
Released 6th October 2008

I'm Outta Time (Single)
Released 1st December 2008


Falling Down (Single)
Released 9th March 2009


Time Flies... 1994-2009 (Double Album)
Released 14th June 2010


Definitely Maybe
(Chasing the Sun Remastered Edition)
Released 19th May 2014

(What's the Story) Morning Glory?
(Chasing the Sun Remastered Edition)
Released 29th September 2014


Be Here Now
(Chasing the Sun Remastered Edition)
Released 14th October 2016


Knebworth 1996
19th November 2021