Image and details regarding the 11-track Promo CD (What's the Story) Morning Glory

I became aware of this CD after reading a post written by Michael Spencer Jones (the photographer on Morning Glory) saying how rare and unknown it was. Once I had it in my collection I sent him a personal message through messenger asking him about its rarity and what he knew about it.

This is his reply "...yes, it's super rare so much so that collectors aren't really aware of it's existence. The track listing does not match the CD listing when played - Creation only printed 50 copies. When they noticed the mistake they printed a new run which also included the track Step Out, that's also rare but not as rare. They then printed a 3rd promo which didn't include Step Out as it was taken off the album. That initial demo just went out to the band and employees at Creation."

The CD does contain 13-tracks as the "Swamp Song" excerpts were omitted.